A new way to built an amway business for today’s generation.


Onboarding is the first-time user experience to Amway Creators. It allows the user to customize their experience with the Creators app: create a personalized A based on their passions, upload a profile photo, and connect their social media accounts.

Facts of ABOs in China :

  • In China's social marketing environment, only very segmented personal brand positioning can effectively attract the target population
  • When ABOs initially tried KOC social marketing, they needed the personal brand positioning function to help them start KOC social marketing quickly and accurately.


Storefront is the personalized customer-facing shopping experience.

Facts of ABOs in China :

  • Chinese consumers are relatively resistant to shelf-type product sales, they’d like to obtain a service-oriented product which is tailored to their needs instead. Many ABOs have achieved good conversion rates by marketing related services (e.g. Fitness classes, daily healthy recipes) and products (eg. Protein powder).
  • In China, ABOs generally use Amway cloud-Micro Store in WeChat to realize the sales conversion. ABOs hope to use shop template tools to quickly build customized stores, and publish personalized posts associated with corresponding products, and achieve closed loop from acquisition to revenue.
  • In China, ABOs hope to complete the whole loop in Kuaishou , the public domain platform, through opening the Youzan store to realize the closed loop from acquisition to revenue.

User test process (60 mins)

(1) Welcome and introduction (5 mins)
(2)Warm-up interview: Understand the basic information (5mins)
(3)Think-aloud tests (30 mins)
•Task 1: Find and purchase an appointed product •Short interview according to the feedbacks
•Task 2: Share content
•Short interview according to the feedbacks
(4) Key pages review and supplementary questions(20 mins)


Education is intended to train ABOs to create compelling content and authentically connect with followers using social media. The admin side of education is the content management piece: Amway creates and publishes education to Creators on a regular basis.

Facts of ABOs in China :

  • In the Chinese public domain, KOC attracts traffic by publishing content that matches current hotspots and has a strong personal style. The competition in China's public domain platform is very fierce, and the quality of the content created by KOCs is generally high. Therefore, KOC ABOs need strong content planning / creation ability to create popular content. Such content usually needs to be supported by a professional MCN company team.
  • Different public domain social platforms in China have different content styles, user types, rules, etc. KOC ABOs need to understand the platform well to continuously acquire new traffic on each platform. Many public domain social platforms or third-party teaching platforms have launched public domain content marketing courses that can help KOC ABOs optimize public domain platform business development strategies.
  • In China, public and private domains have different values for KOC ABOs. The public domain is used to attract traffic, while the private domain is used to conduct long-term community operations and to facilitate a conversion. Therefore, KOC ABO needs to create content in the private domain that can build closer relationships with fans and guide traffic from the public domain to the private domain.
  • Relative to the Assessment test, Chinese ABOs prefer to learn knowledge effectively by practicing tasks related to course content.
  • In China, users hope to share the knowledge learned in the course in a simple way, such as copying the original text / one click to generate a shareable H5 page with the original text and course link. Few of them would write their learning experiences as a long article and then share them.
  • Chinese ABOs hope that in the whole process of social selling, they can communicate and ask questions with peers and social marketing experts through online and offline platforms.


Campaigns empower ABOs to create and publish content that helps them build their brand, gain a following around their passions, and sell Amway products to customers that are part of their community. The admin piece of Campaigns is the content management side handled by a marketing team at Amway.

Facts of ABOs in China :

  • The hot topics of different public domain social platforms are different and change frequently. KOC ABOs need to master the current hot topics of the target platform and match their personal brand to create popular content that can attract traffic and build a personal brand.
  • ABOs who initially tried social business development lacked experience in publishing and organizing events. They needed more practical content(Eg.reference content library, event venue recommendation) & tools(Eg. Easy picture and video editing tools) to help them quickly start social marketing.
  • Operating an online community with high stickiness and high activation can help KOC ABOs gain more and more potential customers. However, KOC ABOs need to publish high-quality content in the community frequently in order to achieve this goal, which is very time-consuming and difficult to complete by a single person.

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