Etien 高爾廷

As an experience designer, I possess professional competence in both HCI and ID. Graduated from the ID department and trained in the UX research in the graduate school, I am able to integrate the design and theory by displaying sensibility of a designer and acute analysis of a professional rationalist as well. Backed by unlimited source of innovation, I am determined to be a value creator versed in software-hardware integration.

體驗設計師,同時具備HCI與ID專業能力,設計系背景加上研究所的UX research訓練,讓我能夠將設計與理論相互結合,既保有設計師之感性,也能兼顧專業理性的判斷分析。帶著源源不絕的創新能量,立志成為有軟硬整合能力的價值創造者
清華大學 - 工業工程學系 - 人因工程組
Tsing Hua University
M.S. Department of Industrial Engineering Human Factors Engineering, HCI

長庚大學 - 工業設計系
Chang Gung University
M.A. Department of Industrial Design